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A Balanced And Healthy Lifestyle At Sembcorp


Why did you choose the Sembcorp ­Scholarship?
I didn’t plan to get a scholarship while I was studying. However in my Polytechnic third year, my lecturers told us about the ­Sembcorp Scholarship which was relevant to our Environmental and Water ­Technology course. After researching on the company’s businesses around the world and their ­values, I felt that it would give me a good start in my career. I decided to go for it and it was indeed the best decision I’ve made.

I started my journey in Sembcorp as an Assistant Workplace Safety and Health ­Officer in Jurong Island straight after ­completing my National Service. It was ­bewildering to start working at such a huge organisation at a young age but colleagues were really helpful and friendly, and I was able to adapt quickly.

What is it like to be working in ­Sembcorp?
As a global company, Sembcorp ­encourages its employees from around the world to interact and share ideas so that ­every issue is seen from different ­perspectives. On an annual basis, ­colleagues from various countries will come together to share and exchange ideas on business protocols, challenges and their solutions to how they overcome difficult situations. This year I was very fortunate to be involved in hosting colleagues from countries like Chile, Oman and the UAE. Honestly, I was quite worried when I was appointed to be in the ­committee to host our overseas ­colleagues, as I was not experienced in ­interacting with foreigners and I usually take some time to warm up to people.

However, after the event I was glad that I had this opportunity. It was an ­eye-opening experience to learn about the challenges these other countries faced. We also have foreign students coming to Singapore for their internships. This year we had three interns from Chile. I recalled that we had a very hilarious first meeting as we learned to pronounce each other’s name correctly.

We take our work seriously but ­having a balanced and healthy lifestyle is just as ­important. Workshops such as learning how to lead an active lifestyle and ­preparing wholesome meals, as well as exercise ­classes are provided to help us live more healthily. I had so much fun at a (much needed) workout during one of the kickboxing classes!

As we keep ourselves healthy, we could then volunteer to help the needy. ­Sembcorp organises charity events ­annually, such as the Assisi Hospice Charity Fun Day 2014 which I volunteered! It was hard work ­having to wake up early and moving all the heavy boxes and crates but in the end, I felt a huge sense of achievement and fulfillment to help in this meaningful event.

How have Sembcorp changed you?
In my one year at Sembcorp, I already had the opportunities to try out in so many things that I could not imagine myself ­doing. Just recently, I had to do a presentation at the quarterly staff communications session, which was attended by the senior management. I have never presented to an audience of a hundred people before; it was a nerve-wrecking but enriching experience.  The experience of corporate events and large scale presentations made me grow as a person and enhance my self-confidence.  I am grateful to the company for these ­avenues to develop my soft skills beyond the job scope of a safety and health officer.
Choosing a scholarship is akin to ­deciding where you want to start your ­career from. From what I went through, I can confidently say that Sembcorp offers the best choice!

Tan Wei Lei
Sembcorp Scholarship
Age: 24
Now: Assistant Workplace Safety & Health Officer, HSE
Attained:  Diploma in ­Environmental & ­Water ­Technology, Ngee Ann ­Polytechnic