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MOHH – Diagnostic Radiographers Needed

mohh_genevieveIt isn’t the machines but the human touch that Genevieve  Liew loves about her job.

Why did you choose to take up this scholarship?
This Healthcare Scholarship gave me the opportunity to pursue my degree overseas. I wanted to gain more experience and exposure from studying abroad, learning to live on my own, adapting to a different education system and assimilating into a different culture. I believe these experiences would help me develop better lifeskills and make me more independent.

What do you think are the strengths that helped you secure the scholarship?
I am sure that the interviewers could see my passion in the field of healthcare. Radiology departments function on teamwork, and I believe that I am a great team player. I am empathetic, committed and meticulous. I think these are qualities that every radiographer should possess.

Why did you choose to specialise in Diagnostic Radiography?
My mother was a nurse and when I was young, my bedtime stories were often about her experiences with her patients. I could feel the depth of my mother’s devotion to her patients – how she despaired over the ones who refused help, and how happy she was when she knew she had made positive influence in their lives. I was deeply inspired by my mother and wanted to embark on a career in healthcare. After my ‘A’ levels, I attended various open houses held by allied health departments. I was instinctively drawn to radiography after witnessing how crucial this was in facilitating swift and accurate diagnoses for patients. With the aid of the scholarship, I graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science in Diagnostic Radiography from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Are Diagnostic Radiographers high in demand?
Diagnostic Radiographers are highly sought after in Singapore, enjoying stable employment in both hospitals and diagnostic clinics.

Describe your role at work and the ­challenges you face.
I am currently working as a general radiographer in the operating theatre at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. My patients are often in pain and unable to assume the required positions, hence, I have to constantly think on my feet and modify my radiographic techniques to achieve quality images. Blood and grave wounds are common in the trauma setting, and without aggravating the injuries, I strive to minimise patients’ discomfort to obtain diagnostic radiographs with speed and accuracy. Radiographers serve as wardens of radiation protection as we have to be alert at all times, making sure safety measures are in place before dispensing radiation responsibly.

What do you love about your job?
I love the human touch in my job, and the fact that I get to meet patients from all walks of life. I performed a skeletal survey on an elderly patient recently and we bonded over the fact that both of us play the piano and we love playing Bela Bartok’s progressive pieces. I also find it incredibly rewarding to be involved in every step of the patients’ recuperation – from performing radiographs in the emergency department, assisting in interventional procedures with images taken in the operating theatre, to following up on patients’ recovery in the wards.

What was the most memorable thing that happened in your university life?
I enjoyed my days in Australia and we often received unexpected acts of kindness. One chilly winter night, we were left stranded without any form of public transport to get home. A kind-hearted bus driver drove us home in his own vehicle when he realised that we had been waiting for two hours in the cold for a bus service which had ceased operations.

What important values should everyone possess and why?
To me, perseverance and integrity are very important values. In most times, we can only be successful if we persevere steadily. While success may be fleeting, integrity lasts forever.

MOHH Healthcare Scholarship
Age: 23
Attained: Bachelor of Medical
Radiation Science (Diagnostic
Radiography), University of
Newcastle, Australia
Now: Radiographer, Tan Tock
Seng Hospital
From: Meridian JC