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AVA – A Resilient And Safe Food Supply

ava_kwanAs a youth volunteer, Kwan Mei Yen realised that more could be done to keep food affordable to the masses.

The environmental and social issues brought about by food have inspired me to apply for the AVA Scholarship. As Singapore imports most of its food, the security issues relating to food here are unique and challenging. This heavy dependence also makes Singapore vulnerable to supply disruptions at source. We are also directly affected by global food trends, such as price inflation.

To ensure a resilient supply of safe food for Singapore, AVA adopts a multi-pronged approach to maintain an adequate and stable supply of food. These include a whole-of-government approach, diversifying Singapore’s sources of imports, partnering local agri-establishments, R&D to improve productivity and shelf life of food, educating the consumers on alternatives, such as, liquid eggs or frozen meat.

Through my community work in the Nee Soon South Youth Executive Committee, I meet Singaporeans who are facing pressures because of the rising cost of living and food. As I help the residents, I understand the need to make my country a better place. Hence, I applied for the AVA Scholarship, so that I can be part of the AVA team, in ensuring a safe and stable food supply for Singapore.

Indeed, to apply for an AVA Scholarship or any other government scholarship, you need to have the passion towards serving the country. In my opinion, the satisfaction of being a government scholar should not be the prestige, but the opportunity to do something for the people.

I’m currently pursuing a Life Sciences degree in NUS, as I believe that the knowledge gained is applicable to a wide variety of functions that AVA is tasked to carry out. We are able to select modules that are more suitable for our career.

As an organisation, AVA’s leaders and staff are extremely encouraging and friendly. They aim to provide a nurturing environment for their scholars so that we can realise our full potential. The interactive sessions I had with leaders of MND, AVA’s parent Ministry, has allowed me to gain new perspectives regarding many local and global issues. To stay connected with AVA during our university days, we receive emails regarding AVA’s achievements, events and future directions. This also helps us understand AVA better and how we can perform better to contribute to AVA’s vision and mission.

Exchange Programmes
We are encouraged to attend overseas internships and seminars for self-improvement. Other than meeting my local academic expenses, AVA also provides sponsorship for student exchange and summer programmes. Recently, I attended a structured exchange programme on Marine Biology in Victoria University of Wellington. The modules I took included Applied Marine Biology, Environment and Resources, Evolution and Global Change Biology. I had a chance to learn more about global food resources, climate change biology and aquaculture in another perspective, which would definitely be useful for my future career in AVA. The opportunities given to me and the confidence the management has in me, have inspired me positively. Being an AVA scholar has definitely helped me gain more exposure as compared to my peers.

If you are clear about your career objectives and passionate about serving Singapore, apply for the AVA scholarship now.

AVA Scholarship
Age: 21
Now: BSc in Life Sciences, NUS
From: Anderson JC