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A Well Balanced Life At PUB

pub_pearlenePearlene Then finds fulfillment in being part of the lifeblood of the nation.

Deciding on a major, or a university, or a scholarship can be a difficult task. Every wide-eyed 18-year-old fresh out of school would be confounded by the multitude of options, each with its own merits. How then should one decide?

Choosing the PUB Scholarship was not a ­particularly difficult decision for me, at least, not after I realised my inclination towards ­Science and the environment. I was drawn to it because the PUB Scholarship offered the chance to study Science and that I could apply it to benefit ­society in a meaningful way.

To be a scholar, I believe that more ­important than grades and the like, is a keen appreciation for the value of teamwork and a ready ­willingness to learn. This I gathered after working in PUB for the last 1.5 years.

Work At PUB
As a member of PUB’s Technology Department, my day-to-day job involves evaluating water technology-related research proposals that seek funding from PUB, as well as monitoring on-going research projects that PUB has funded. While this may not sound as exciting as being out on a boat monitoring our reservoirs, or as gung-ho as wearing safety shoes while making checks around our treatment plants, I have come to realise that all of what we do is inter-related. Besides, I know that the company will rotate us through different responsibilities to let us understand the various water processes more profoundly.  After all, PUB manages the entire water loop – our drainage operations are linked to our reservoir operations, which are linked to our treatment plants and so on; all other works in PUB support these core operations to ensure that we fulfil our mission.

Because of the inter-dependence of various PUB departments, it inculcates in the staff a strong sense of working unitedly.  With a common mission in mind, different units and departments work seamlessly together to serve our nation, and it is an honour just to be a part of this work.

Teamwork is important in the PUB culture. As an organisation that deals with nature and the environment, there are always opportunities to learn from both failures and successes. Adding to that, PUB actively supports all staff not just in building up capabilities through local and overseas work-related courses and conferences, but also in developing softer skills that are instrumental in upholding professionalism at work and maintaining good working conditions.

Outside of work, I shuffle between being a happy owner of a cute guinea pig, a (non-paid) teacher of endearing 3- and 4-year-olds at Sunday School, and a member of tight family and friend circles. I also play sports like netball and squash, often through PUB’s recreational sports groups. While I wish that the sand in my hourglass could flow at half the pace, my brief working life has taught me that prioritising is the key to a healthy work-life balance. Along with that, understanding the consequences of my priorities helps me persevere through the choices I make.

So what about the choice I made some five years ago to work with PUB? I have not looked back since. Having a little taste of working life, I can say that anyone with an interest in the environment and a heart willing to learn would be able to find a place in PUB.

Pub Scholarship
Age: 24
Attained: Bachelor of Arts (Major in Integrative Biology and ­Molecular & Cell Biology) from University of California, Berkeley
Now: Engineer, Technology Department
From: Raffles JC