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BCA – Passion In Sustainable Buildings

bca-wangWang Lei
Senior Manager
Strategic and Manpower Planning Building and Construction Authority
Bachelor in Environmental Engineering, NUS

From his youth, Wang Lei has been very ­passionate about the environment. He firmly believes that energy could be better conserved when there is better management of the world’s limited resources. This belief piqued his ­interest, and spurred him to take up the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Scholarship to study Environmental Engineering in NUS.

After graduation, Wang Lei began a career in the field close to his heart. At BCA’s Green Mark Department, he was able to work closely with industry professionals to improve the energy and resource efficiency of buildings in Singapore.

To better appreciate the challenges that the built environment industry is facing, Wang Lei took up an opportunity to be seconded to the Housing and Development Board (HDB). Over there he was actively involved in the construction of two HDB building projects where he gained valuable insights on construction project management.

Upon his return to BCA, Wang Lei was ­given a new portfolio which involves formulating ­strategies and policies to raise the productivity of the built environment industry. The job rotation was part of the career development programme that BCA has planned for him, and Wang Lei is grateful for the opportunities to be exposed to different types of work in the organisation.

If you are looking for a scholarship, Wang Lei’s advice to you is, ‘Know where your passion lies and don’t be afraid to follow it. A passion-driven career is a fulfilling career!’