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BCA – Shaping A Great Built Environment


Singapore has always been rated among the best cities in the world to live in. From universally designed public facilities to structurally safe and energy-efficient buildings, our built environment has been carefully designed to make it a pleasant place to live, work and play in.

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) champions the development of an excellent built environment for Singapore. Teo Orh Hai, a BCA Scholar who is currently the Director of the Building Plan Departments, plays an important role in making this possible. ‘My team of architects, engineers and technical officers ensures the safety of new buildings and reviews building policies and regulations regularly. A current project that gets me excited is the introduction of minimum environmental sustainability standards for existing buildings. As technology advances, we have to stay relevant by constantly reviewing the energy-efficiency standards and pushing the boundaries to deliver more environmentally-friendly buildings,’ he shared.

Ever since Orh Hai started work in BCA, the development opportunities have been boundless. The government scholar began his stint in BCA as an engineer. He was then seconded to the parent Ministry (MND) to gain more exposure in policy work before returning to BCA. Subsequently, he took up the BCA Postgraduate Scholarship, to pursue a law degree to complement his technical knowledge.

Indeed, BCA scholars can expect a meaningful career and a continuous learning journey. At BCA, we strongly believe in developing our human capital to the fullest potential through diverse learning avenues and developmental assignments.

If you have the passion in shaping an excellent built environment for Singapore, do log on to: www.buildingcareers.sg/undergraduatescholarship.aspx to find out more about the exciting career choices/opportunities that are awaiting you.

BCA Scholarship
Now: Director, Building Plan Department
Attained: MSc ­(Mechanical Engineering) and BEng (Mechanical) from NUS; Bachelor of Laws from University of London