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NUS – Bonding Within The Scholars Community


The NUS Scholars Community enables Felecia Tay to network and inspire other scholars in the various faculties.

Why did you choose the NUS ­Scholarship?
Studying Medicine has been a long-term aspiration of mine, and securing the scholarship provides an affirmation that NUS recognises and supports my endeavours, for which I am extremely grateful. As it would finance my education, I could focus better on my personal development in NUS.

What was the selection process like?
The scholarships selection process for Medicine is quite different from that of other faculties. In a nutshell, the top ­performing students who underwent the Medicine admissions assessments were selected for a second round of scholarship interviews. I went for the interview with an open mind and found it to be an enjoyable experience, as it was very much like a friendly chat with the professors to let them know more about me, my stories and my aspirations.

Why do you think you were awarded the scholarship, and what are the qualities that a scholar should possess?
I think that beyond the achievements and accolades, the interviewers were genuinely keen to understand me better as an individual, and I thought that my interview went favourably because I was ­comfortable in my own skin. As such, I was able to ­express myself effectively and let my passion naturally speak for itself. I believe that some essential qualities of a scholar include a vision to serve and positively impact his community, a strong sense of self-identity and direction, the willingness and ability to translate passion into action, and – of ­utmost importance – humility.

What are the benefits of taking up the NUS Scholarship?
In addition to the financial freedom and other tangible benefits including ­scholar enrichment grants and programmes, I found myself a family in NUS as a member of the NUS Scholars Community (NSC). The NSC creates opportunities for NUS scholars across the different faculties to network, bond and inspire one another with our ideals and aspirations. In July 2014, I ­participated in the NUS Scholars ­Induction Camp held in Malacca. Through ­various challenging and ­thought-provoking team-building activities, I fostered new friendships and ­developed a sense of ­belonging to the NSC. This helped to ease my integration into the university as a freshman, and also served as an impetus for an exciting and enriching journey in NUS.

What activities have you participated in NUS so far?
University life in NUS is a ­refreshing ­transition from high school. There’s ­greater flexibility and freedom to pursue my ­interests, be it academically or beyond. I’m currently a part of Project ­Battambang, an overseas medical mission trip to Poipet, Cambodia. In the days leading up to the trip, we’ve been actively ­procuring funds for medical supplies and our Light a Dream Scholarship (LADS), which ­supports our Cambodian scholars in ­pursuing ­higher ­education. LADS is a unique feature that had originally drawn me to Project ­Battambang, as it is analogous to how NUS ­empowers its scholars through funding their studies. Alongside fellow members of the Sponsorship Committee, I helped to raise ­approximately S$1,800 in total ­revenue through ­fundraising sales. In a sense, I think of my contribution to LADS as my way of ‘paying it forward’ – to help a Cambodian student realise his dreams just like how NUS has done so for me.

Felecia Tay Jing Yi
NUS Undergraduate Scholarship
Age: 25
Now: First year doing MBBS at NUS
From: NUS High School