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SIA – Building Brand Loyalty


Why did you choose the scholarship?
I chose the SIA scholarship because I felt that a career in SIA would be dynamic and beneficial to my personal development. SIA is a very well-regarded company and its sheer size means that there are plenty of opportunities to learn and develop different skill-sets. There are positions overseas too, making it possible for me to work abroad, gain exposure and experience life in other cultures.

What do you think are your strengths that land you the ­scholarship?
I believe that it was my ability to think critically and my adaptability that put me in good stead for the scholarship.

Why did you choose to do Economics?
I felt that the subject matter was interesting as it helps us understand the world that we live in, and it touches lightly on behavioural psychology and the concepts of rationality.

How is the job market for this course?
I feel that for most jobs, it is not the subject ­matter of the degree that is crucial – more importantly it is the capacity to think critically and formulate coherent and logical arguments. A degree in Economics will train the graduate in these faculties, and, together with acquiring a strong grounding in Statistics, I feel that Economics graduates will be well regarded in the job market.

Any advice on how to choose a university?
Aside from location and course contents, one should consider the clubs and societies that the ­university has to offer.

What are the most memorable things that ­happened in your university life?
I have had the chance to travel around Europe, watch London get ready for the Olympics, revel in the festivities celebrating Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s wedding, and even become a certified skydiver!

Describe your role in your company and its ­challenges.
I am currently working in the loyalty marketing department and our goal is to increase brand ­loyalty to SIA. To meet this objective, my role requires me to ­formulate initiatives and enhancements aimed at ­encouraging loyalty, and subsequently oversee the ­execution of these projects. Due to the many ­different projects that are ­happening concurrently, my role challenges me to be adaptable and manage my time well.

What do you love about your job and the company?
I like that my job is multi-faceted. One day I could be doing data analytics, and the next I could be a host at an event aimed at engaging our customers. The sheer breadth of the loyalty marketing department keeps me on my toes and I never get bored at work. The two-year rotation policy in SIA also helps to keep things fresh and exciting.

What kinds of career and personal ­developmental opportunities does your company provide for its scholars?
There is no special career track for ­scholars – everyone is put through the same executives programme and has an equal opportunity. The company places a strong focus on developing its people and we have to attend at least one ­professionally ­conducted course every year. Thus for personal development, we go through at least one professionally conducted course every year. We can also choose from many different optional courses aimed at developing one’s public speaking ability, creative thinking, handling relationships, etc. There are ample learning and training opportunities to improve yourself continuously!

What are your interests? How do you balance it with working life?
I try to keep fit and hit the gym at least once a week after work, and then play touch rugby on the weekend. Normally once a week after work I would go out for a meal and/or drinks with friends or colleagues.

What do you see are life’s most ­important values and why?
Family and friends are very important to me as they motivate me to be the best version of myself. Additionally, I feel that balance in life is extremely important – it is equally important to play hard as it is to work hard.

Any suggestion on how we can make ­Singapore a better place to live in?
We should make a conscious effort to maintain a positive mindset as I believe that it shapes our everyday experiences and ­interpretations of events happening around us. I think that keeping a positive mindset will make us friendlier and more courteous to each other. Aside from that, we should be more open in debating and exploring different viewpoints instead of immediately rejecting those that don’t fit into our comfort zones.

Roland Chua
SIA Scholarship
Age: 25
Now: Loyalty Marketing Executive
Attained:  Bachelor of Science (Economics), University College London (UK)
From: Raffles Junior College