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How to Highlight Your Volunteer Experience In An Interview

How to Highlight Your Volunteer Experience in an Interview1

Volunteering can help to boost your skills and expand your network while you are transitioning between sectors, rejoining the workforce after a career break, or trying to figure out how to utilise a degree. And highlighting your volunteer experience in an interview is a great way to show that you’re committed to a cause and that it’s a priority for you on both ... Read More »

Seven Ways to Prepare for a Successful Networking Event


Networking events are a crucial way to meet new people, reinforce relationships with existing contacts and usually learn something new about your industry. While there are so many positive aspects to networking events, they also can consume a huge amount of time and resources if you aren’t judicious about which ones you attend. Once you’ve determined that an event is worth ... Read More »

5 Simple Ways To Do A Digital Detox At University


Do you often get angry at yourself because you’ve just spent an hour or even more on your phone, scrolling through Instagram or Tumblr? Well, you’re not the only one. Plenty of university students struggle with the constant alerts on their electronic devices. But it’s just not about social media and texting friends; students at university spend so much of ... Read More »

Are You Scholarship Material?


• By Chrystal Chan • Wear a tie or a jacket, a dress or pantsuit? Perplexed about what to wear to that scholarship interview? NTU HEY! Magazine speaks to some experts for suggestions. FOR HIM Outfit Idea #1: Don’t be too casual as it may suggest you are not very serious about the scholarship, say experts. So even if you’re interviewing ... Read More »

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders

govtech article

The global competition to attract and retain tech talent has become increasingly tough. A steady pool of engineering talent is needed within the Government to lead and drive digital transformation in the public sector to achieve Singapore’s Smart Nation goals. In support of this, the Government launched the Smart Nation Scholarship in 2018 – a scholarship that is for budding ... Read More »

What Do Scholarship Committees Look For?

What Do Scholarship Committees Look For

• By Wu Xueting • What Do Scholarship Committees Look For? The biggest question students have when applying for scholarships: “What is the criteria of an ideal candidate?” ​Definitely an important and valid concern, as knowing what the scholarship provider needs can help make the process much simpler. ​Ultimately, the selection process is still subject to the different scholarship providers. However, the ... Read More »

Top 10 Things You Must Ask Yourself Before Applying For Scholarships

Top 10 Things You Must Ask Yourself Before Applying For Scholarships

• By Rum Tan • In Singapore, the A-Levels are very important because it would determine where you can enroll for college and if you can enroll in the course you want. Aside from being an integral part of your college application resume, A-levels are also the time when you consider how you will support your college education. College is not ... Read More »

5 Tips To Develop Your Leadership Skills At University

5 Tips To Develop Your Leadership Skills At University

• By Wu Xueting • These days, graduating with top grades is not enough to ensure success in your career. For a variety of jobs, the ability to lead well is highly valuable and can help you rise through the ranks. If you don’t feel very confident about your leadership qualities now, a great place to develop them is at ... Read More »

5 Job Interview Tips All Fresh Graduates Should Know


• By Wu Xueting • You did it, you finally graduated from university! Now comes the next big challenge: finding a job. As a fresh graduate, the job interview is often a source of anxiety, especially when you have little or no experience in it. Entry-level jobs are a much bigger and more level playing field compared to an internship, ... Read More »

Cross-Cultural Communication: Why You Should Volunteer Abroad


• By Lauren Melnick • Cross-cultural communication is challenging. Each culture has its own set of rules, and we all carry a collection of cultural biases when we interact with people. For example, in countries like Japan, Indonesia and Thailand strong emotional reactions like shouting or walking out of the room is frowned upon. Whereas in countries like Italy, France, ... Read More »