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Scholars share with you about their lives, their studies and their careers.
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AGO – A Rewarding Career as the Nation’s Auditor


Why did you choose the scholarship? I chose this scholarship because I believe that the work I will be doing in this organisation after graduation is aligned with my interests and values. I truly value the transparency that our government has with the public and would love to be a facilitator in building and maintaining the public’s trust in the ... Read More »

NUS – Giving Back To The Community Through Sports


The NUS Sports Scholarship offers Li Zhengxi the rare opportunity to pursue both of his distinct passions – badminton and law. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO PURSUE YOUR COURSE OF STUDY AT NUS? When I was a kid, I wanted to be a judge, so I somewhat already knew that I had an interest in studying law. In my secondary ... Read More »

NUS – Re-Discovering Self At NUS


More than just a scholarship, the NUS Merit Scholarship augments Chloe Chan’s long-term personal growth. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO PURSUE YOUR COURSE OF STUDY AT NUS? I chose to pursue Industrial Design as design has always been my passion. However, as I had no prior art or design background, I was fearful of committing to a course that specialised ... Read More »


MOHH feature image2

As a Healthcare Scholar, Lu Yen Ling shares how the MOH Holdings’ Healthcare Merit Award has helped to fulfill her passion for improving the well-being of others. Why did you choose to take up a Healthcare Scholarship? The Healthcare Scholarship was an enticing opportunity for me to realise and pursue my long-standing interest in the healthcare industry. The vision of ... Read More »

NUS – Exploring OneSelf With An Arts Education


The NUS Global Merit Scholarship keeps career options wide and free from obligations for students. Wesley Kam uses this freedom to rediscover how he can give back to the community. Why did you choose to pursue your course of study at NUS? For the longest time leading up to university, I had planned to study Law. I had a rather ... Read More »

NUS – Work Hard, Play hard


Attracted by the vibrant student life, Mabel Tan makes the best of her many NUS Scholarship opportunities. Why did you choose to pursue your course of study at NUS? I chose NUS Business School mainly because of the quality and prestige not just in Asia, but also on the international stage. Besides, NUS Business School is located in Singapore, a ... Read More »

URA – From Imagining To Designing The Urban City


Architecture crosses a diversity of disciplines. As a URA scholar, He Yutian dipped her toes into all her interests in building the future of Singapore. One of my favourite shows while growing up was a cartoon titled “Ten Thousand Whys.” I looked forward to each episode’s unravelling of a question on topics ranging from the humanities to the sciences, and ... Read More »

NPARKS – For the Love of Animals


As a National Parks Board Scholar, Rekha was able to pursue her passion for wildlife conservation abroad and then at home, to safeguard our biodiversity. What sparked your interest in Zoology? I’ve been fascinated by animals for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching all sorts of nature shows, from Nigel Marven to Crocodile Hunter to, of ... Read More »

HDB – Engineering Homes of Tomorrow


The growth of public housing in Singapore requires people who think many steps ahead. Always curious and determined when it comes to solving problems, Lim Zhongyan relishes the challenge of building new generation housing as an engineer with the Housing and Development Board. “In front of you are three light switches. Only one turns on the light downstairs. From where ... Read More »

CAAS – Soaring high in the Aviation Industry


Opportunities to grow are aplenty for Skyler Tan at the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, allowing him to further his passion for air travel. Why did you choose the CAAS Overseas Undergraduate scholarship? Who or what influenced you most to take up this scholarship? I chose a scholarship with CAAS as I wanted to learn about and work closely with ... Read More »