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Sembcorp – Challenging, Thrilling And Supportive


Even in his university second year, Tan Ying Li could still opt for a mid-term scholarship.

During my days as a student, I have always been fascinated with renewable energy and tackling pertinent issues such as water scarcity. As I entered my second year of university, I discovered more about the various industries and realised that the utilities sector was one that was in line with what I wanted to pursue as a career. At that time, an opportunity came knocking on my door when the inaugural SgIS Mid-Term Scholarship was open for application. After going through the list of sponsoring organisations that offer scholarships, Sembcorp was my first choice as it enables me to be in the field of work that I am interested in.

The company also has sustainable businesses that support development and improve the quality of life on a global scale. As a leading energy and water solutions provider operating across five continents worldwide, Sembcorp is able to provide me with the breadth of experience I desire as a novice engineer and also allow me to develop a global perspective of the industry.

Challenging And Exciting Career

With the Sembcorp Scholarship, a challenging and exciting career is something that you can look forward to. Scholars are placed in operational roles after graduating, enabling us to develop a solid foundation in our core operations. Within two months of starting work, I was already tasked to be in charge of the daily operations of a high strength industrial wastewater treatment facility on Jurong Island. Although it sounded like a daunting task for a junior engineer fresh out of school, I am thankful to have supportive colleagues who mentored me and provided guidance along the way.
As an engineer in the Water Operations department, I am responsible for ensuring that Sembcorp remains a reliable service provider by constantly improving and optimising our plants. By working closely together with our R&D team, we are committed to developing and applying novel ideas to treat, recycle and reuse water.

Excellent Overseas Exposure
Sembcorp scholars are also encouraged to go overseas for their internship and exchange programme to broaden their horizons. During my third year at NUS, I was sponsored to go on an overseas exchange programme in Sheffield, UK. It was definitely an eye-opening experience for me. I even had the chance to take up courses such as nuclear reactor engineering, which is not available in Singapore, during my semester of study in the UK.  Upon graduation, we have the chance to be posted overseas for job rotations.

Strong Peer And Company Support

As Sembcorp scholars, we are automatically members of the Hippocampus Club. It is a networking group set up for and run by scholars, with strong support from the company. As we are still new in the company, we can always depend on the support and advice from our ­seniors in the club. Together with my fellow scholars, we always enjoy going for our ­Sembcorp company events, corporate social responsibility activities and other bonding activities every year.

Tan Ying Li
Sembcorp Scholarship
Age: 25
Now: Engineer, Sembcorp Industries Ltd-SUT
Attained: BEng in Chemical Engineering from NUS
From: Hwa Chong Institution