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AVA – Controlling Diseases

Dr Shawn Ting plays an important role to ensure that animal diseases do not spread to other animals.

About 60 percent of existing infectious diseases that affect humans and over 75 percent of newly emerging diseases originate from animals. These include diseases such as Avian Influenza, MERS-CoV and Ebola that have claimed human lives and grabbed headlines in recent times. There are also animal diseases which can cause widespread deaths in livestock and have a devastating effect on agriculture and farmers’ livelihood. Each year, government agencies battle to keep new diseases or dormant re-emerging diseases under control.

I wanted to be part of the battle. The AVA Scholarship allowed me to pursue a degree in Veterinary Science, which helped me to understand animal diseases and allowed me to be part of the team that safeguards animal health in Singapore. After graduation, with the support of AVA, I continued to learn more about animal disease control. This includes attending international meetings, overseas training, and getting involved in local animal ­disease surveillance teams. The more experienced veterinarians in AVA who had been through many disease control battles have also shared their knowledge and experience with me.

AVA’s mission stretches beyond safeguarding animal health. We also work with people trained in other disciplines such as food science, horticultural science, ­aquaculture and economics to help AVA achieve optimal outcomes.

I have a strong interest in Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health, which can be considered a ‘specialisation’ under Veterinary Science. I am thankful for the opportunity, and to AVA, for sponsoring me for such overseas courses and my further studies. Work-life balance in this agency is very manageable and I have also taken up the position as Honorary Treasurer of the ­Singapore Vet Association.

If you would like to be ­directly involved in Singapore’s well-being and progress, and find it fulfilling to be in animal health and management, disease control, food safety and food supply resilience or plant management, do consider the AVA ­Scholarship. I’m sure you will find a career here to be exciting and challenging just like my colleagues and I have.

Dr Shawn Ting Yi Kuang
AVA Undergraduate Scholarship
Age: 28
Now: Senior Veterinarian, Risk Assessment and Epidemiology ­Department, Regulatory Administration Group
Attained: Bachelor of Veterinary Science (1st Class Hons) from University of Melbourne, Australia
From: Temasek JC