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BCA – Engineering A Built Environment Career

Alan Yeo is now working on a project that is using an advanced and productive method of building houses, as seen in the background.

From skyscrapers in the Central ­Business District to flats in housing ­estates, Singapore’s distinctive, thriving urban cityscape is set to ­continue changing rapidly. This in turn drives a ­robust demand for built environment ­professionals who thrive on challenges and are making a difference to the community.

The built environment sector is also transforming, with construction processes becoming more technologically advanced and productive through greater adoption of off-site prefabrication and on-site mechanisation.

Engineers, like developers, architects, builders and suppliers, are important stakeholders in the construction eco-system. As one of the key professions in the built environment sector, engineers are critical agents to drive and facilitate construction productivity. Alan Yeo, 33, a Civil Engineering graduate, is one such example.

Getting A Headstart
In 2006, Alan was awarded the BCA-Industry Built Environment Undergraduate Scholarship jointly offered by the ­Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Teambuild Engineering & Construction.

The scholarship gave Alan a good headstart in his career, with great learning and progression opportunities. Since joining Teambuild as an Assistant Project ­Engineer in 2009, he has worked on a variety of building projects, ranging from schools to residences. He has also developed ­himself professionally through skills and leadership training provided by Teambuild, and has since climbed the career ladder to become a Project Manager.

A Fulfilling Career
Currently he is working on The Brownstone executive condominium project. This project uses Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC), which involves speedier construction with ­building ­modules constructed off-site and ­assembled on site in a Lego-like manner.  The use of PPVC for The Brownstone ­project is currently the first of its kind in Asia, with eight 10 to 12-storey blocks comprising 638 units to be constructed using over 4,300 building modules. It is also possibly the world’s largest application for a large-scale residential project.

Beyond managing the daily operations on site, a Project Manager needs to have good people management skills as they have to liaise closely with various stakeholders to ensure that a project can be ­delivered successfully. Alan says, ‘Project Managers are responsible for overseeing the successful completion of projects. ­Seeing a project come to fruition is one aspect of the job that I find most fulfilling.’

Alan is grateful for the scholarship that he received from BCA and Teambuild. With the multitude of opportunities ­presented to him, he could realise his aspirations and carve a meaningful career in the built ­environment sector.’

Alan Yeo Hock Kwan
BCA-Teambuild Built Environment ­Undergraduate Scholarship
Age: 33
Now: Project Manager at Teambuild Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd
Attained: Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, NTU
From: Singapore Polytechnic