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What is Scholarship Guide?

Scholarship Guide is Singapore’s first and only scholarship and higher education portal. As a one-stop portal for all JC students and tertiary undergraduates, we effectively connect you with scholarship providers and institutes of higher education.
With >300 scholarships and >100 degree courses available on Scholarship Guide, you are definitely spoilt for choice!

What does Scholarship Guide offer to its user?

  • Dedicated Portal that allows for scholarship application and higher education research
  • Scholarship Guide Magazine, with 3 issues a year, featuring scholarship and training providers, useful career resources and a comprehensive scholarship guide summary table for you to make better career decisions
  • Forum, a central site hosting a variety of discussions that remains active whole year round
  • Survey that offers useful insights into scholarships, higher education and career preferences of potential scholars in Singapore
  • Goodie Bags that contains the Scholarship Guide Scholarship magazine and valuable resources from the scholarship providers, distributed in March to coincide with the release of A-level results.
  • Ambassador Campaign, a campaign that we run annually in search of the next BrightSparks intern
  • Quarterly eNewsletter to keep you in the loop of the latest happenings and scholarship application period
  • BrightSparks Mobile, an application that allows you to browse through the BrightSparks offerings on the go
What can I use Scholarship Guide portal for?
    As a student, you can use Scholarship Guide to do the following:

  • Research and apply for scholarships online using 1 form
  • Research and make course enquiries to higher education providers
  • Read career-related content to make better career decisions
  • Keep informed via emailers from scholarship and higher education providers and relevant career partners
What are the services under Scholarship Guide?
  • My Gameplan is a module which contains your information. You should enter your profile and preferences here so that universities and scholarship providers can send you relevant information. The scholarship application form is also stored here and you can use it to apply for various scholarships.
  • Scholarships is where you can search and research about scholarships and the organizations offering them. In total, over 300 scholarships are listed on BrightSparks.
  • Higher Education contains information on courses and admissions from institutes of higher learning, and allows you to post your enquiries to those institutes. You can also get advice on degrees, careers and overseas education here.
  • Career Resources contains a wealth of articles related to career planning and career paths. Here you can find information on various professions, jobs and what to expect from them.
  • BrightSparks Forum lets you share and discuss interview tips/questions, deadlines, application status, career issues, university life and more. Learn from our resident scholarship and career experts, your peers, seniors, teachers and companies.