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Freedom To Choose Any Industry

Freedom To Choose Any Industry

Felix Tseng hopes to start his own business one day and likes the feeling of not being bonded.

Why did you choose to pursue your course of study at NUS?
I have a strong interest in pursuing Business as I hope to run my own business one day. I also felt that NUS Business would provide me with a holistic education and many opportunities. A big pull factor was the vibrant student life promised, which has turned out to be amazing. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to plan orientation camps, perform on stage, and even participate in case competitions. I am able to juggle various commitments in my first year due to the grade-free scheme in NUS.

Why did you accept the NUS Scholarship?
The NUS Scholarship is bond-free, which does not restrict me and gives me the freedom to pursue various options after graduation instead of being tied to any particular industry. Furthermore, it covers my tuition fees, which reduces the financial burden on my parents to support me through university.

What was the selection process like?
For Business, the interview candidates were separated into groups of 12 or so and we had to put ourselves in the shoes of the company directors and come up with the direction our company should take, based on the current economic climate.

It was then that I realised how important teamwork is, as it was not possible for one person to arrive at a comprehensive and holistic proposal. Instead, we built on each other’s ideas to come up with quite a good proposal. It was very stimulating and not what I had expected at all. (For most other faculties, scholarship applicants are required to attend one to two panel interviews to determine their suitability for the NUS Scholarship.)

Why do you think you were awarded the scholarship, and what are the qualities a scholar should possess?

I think I was awarded the scholarship because I was unafraid to explore innovative and unexpected ideas that could be overlooked in favour of traditional ones. I feel that it is better to find a solution to the underlying problem instead of constantly finding short-term solutions to patch up surface problems.

I feel that above all, a scholar should be passionate about serving others and giving back to the society.

What are the benefits of taking up an NUS Scholarship?
Bond-free, coverage of tuition fees and living allowance – receiving the NUS Scholarship is the best possible way to start your university journey. Personally, the coverage of tuition fees has benefitted me greatly because it relieves my parents from the expense. Furthermore, not being bonded is an amazing feeling. Some of my friends who are already bonded to an organisation have found that there are other interesting directions that they could have pursued after graduation.

How has your NUS experience been, and what programmes and activities have you participated in so far?
My NUS experience has been amazing and I really could not have asked for more. I am a resident of Temasek Hall and am heavily involved in the CCAs there. In fact, I will be part of the Junior Common Room Committee, and had planned the Orientation Camp for the incoming freshmen.

Faculty-wise, I was a clan head for Business Orientation Week and we had been kept busy writing cheers, painting flags and making sure that we considered the welfare and safety for all our freshmen, as well as making sure that they had fun.

I am also doing a CIP project in partnership with NEA to improve the tray return system. We hope to make the jobs of cleaners easier.

NUS Merit Scholarship
Age: 22
Now: Year 2 doing Business Administration at NUS
From: Dunman High School