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HKU – A Prestigious Oversea University


All classes in Hong Kong ­University (HKU) are conducted in English.

Why HKU?
After graduating from JC, I was ­bombarded with loads of information about what to do and which university to go. Like me, you may now be asking: Which university will best suit my future goals? Which university will best suit my values and my self?

Not many Singaporeans are aware of what HKU has to offer. Most of you might ask: How well will my qualifications be ­recognised in Singapore?

HKU is consistently ranked amongst the top universities in Asia and is highly regarded on an international level. All classes are conducted in English in this university (with the exception of language classes) and HKU sees many of its ­graduates excel in their respective areas in their careers. For example, the Social Work and Social Administration Department of HKU sees many graduates gaining employment within their first year of graduation with many others gaining employment overseas.

HKU offers a combination of international exposure as well as a homely atmosphere in Asia. Being an international university, there are tremendous ­opportunities to socialise with people from different nationalities. This ­transnational mix of students makes HKU a cultural ­melting pot and you would be surprised by the diversity of people you can meet.

HKU also offers various oversea ­opportunities during the course of ­studying here. During the summer of my first year, I was given the opportunity to take part in a summer school programme for social work students in Rovaniemi, Finland. It was indeed an eye-opening ­experience and it allowed me to broaden my view on the academic work I’m ­pursuing back in Hong Kong. In addition, HKU offers many opportunities for students to embark on exchange programmes and it is very common to see my peers disappear for a semester when they are on an exchange.

Surviving HKU
HKU students are fond of using slangs like ‘bok jun’ (meaning: do your best) and ‘chur’ (meaning: something difficult to do). Undoubtedly, university life can be demanding on students, especially during the examination period.

During my two years here, I have made many close friends who have given me a lot of support and friendship. It’s not difficult to make long-lasting friends in ­university as long as we keep an open mind and are willing to be empathetic to people around us.

Although learning Cantonese is not a must, it will be extremely useful. If you have some elementary knowledge of ­Cantonese, it will help you a lot, especially when you are taking the minibus or ­ordering food at eating outlets outside the campus. Hong Kong is also an extremely safe place to be and crime rates are very low by international standards, making travelling around the territory an exciting experience.

HKU Entrance Scholarship for International Students
Age: 22
Now: Pursuing Bachelor of Social Work
From: Meridian Junior College