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JurongHealth – Following The Heart


Loh Ya Xin chooses a career that involves helping people directly.

Did you plan to be in the health ­science industry? Why did you want to be a medical social worker?
Being in the science stream in JC, I thought that I would be pursuing either Science or Engineering in the future. ­Careers as a teacher or an ­engineer were my considerations at the start of my JC days. However, things took a turn during my JC2 year, when I encountered an old man who often sat by a staircase outside Kembangan MRT and ­befriended him. Through my ­conversations with him, I realised that there are many people who needed help. In the midst of studying for my ‘A’ levels, it just struck me that life is not just about pursuing good grades and being a high achiever. Finally I chose to be in this healthcare line because it is a career that involves helping people!

I decided to pursue a course ­relating to social work in university. The more I research on this field, the more interested I got!

How does JurongHealth groom its scholars? What special learning ­opportunities have you been given thus far?
JurongHealth offers a variety of learning opportunities, such as inviting us to participate in community health outreach programmes to learn more about the efforts taken to promote health in the community. These helped me to understand better the society’s various socio-economic levels. It also helped me to build up ­communication skills, as well as confidence when ­interacting with those in need.
I was allocated to JurongHealth upon receiving the scholarship. The ­interesting thing about JurongHealth is that both Ng Teng Fong General ­Hospital and Jurong Community ­Hospital under its umbrella are new start-ups. We are given ample opportunities to start new projects and initiatives. Apart from that, ­JurongHealth is able to give me the opportunity to work with people in both acute and rehabilitation settings. It is challenging to be part of this new team.

What do you hope to achieve through this scholarship?
I hope to be equipped with the necessary skills to tackle real life issues, making a difference in people’s lives. I hope that the psycho-social needs of the patients I would be talking to and their families would be met.

What qualities do you think one should have to do what you are doing? Do you have any advice for students intending to enter the healthcare industry?
During my casual chats with senior medical social workers, they mentioned that although this is not an easy job, it is a very fulfilling one. Having passion, commitment and dedication is very important for a medical social worker. These qualities, coupled with a genuine heart will equip us with the strength and perseverance to give our best to patients no matter how difficult is the situation.
If you have a passion to serve people and are interested in any of the careers in the healthcare industry, do not hesitate to find out more! Speaking to seniors in your interested field will help you to understand more about what the career and job scope entails.

MOHH Health Science Degree Scholarship (Local)
Age: 19
Now: First year doing Bachelor of Arts & Social Science (Social Work) at NUS
From: Dunman High School