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JurongHealth – The Passion To Help Others

jh-riana I have always been interested in the health science industry ever since I was young. I was inspired by my grandmother who was a health technician at the Singapore General Hospital for over 30 years. Her passion and dedication has sparked my interest.

After getting my polytechnic diploma, I had the option to further my studies in Biology and other Biotechnology-related disciplines. However, I decided to pursue a career as a respiratory therapist. I believe that it will be fulfilling to use my skills and knowledge to serve others, especially when they are suffering from mishaps or weak health. My family and peers were very ­supportive and happy for me when I told them about being offered the scholarship.

I decided on the Health Science & ­Nursing Scholarship which leads to an ­overseas degree in Health Sciences because the scholarship allows me to study at the American university with one of the best Respiratory Therapy programmes. ­Studying overseas would also help my personal ­development and enrich my experience.

After accepting the Ministry of Health’s scholarship, I was attached with Jurong Health Services (JurongHealth) which is providing support for my undergrad ­programme and where I will start my career right after graduation.

A Holistic Development Programme
JurongHealth has in place a holistic development programme that would enrich scholars’ experience, exposure, involvement in the industry and ­character development. We had an adventure camp before I came here to commence my studies.  There are also vacation attachments at local hospitals, annual networking  session, professional seminars and summer programmes. In June-July 2013, I had my attachment at Alexandra Hospital, which is one of the hospitals managed by JurongHealth. The attachment gave me valuable insights as I interned under the Head of Respiratory Therapy department at the hospital. We were also updated about the ­happenings at JurongHealth through monthly newsletters.

Studying at Ohio State University, I have learnt to be resilient and resourceful to cope with the workload. I am enjoying the university life especially when I am dealing with subjects I love. I hope to further what I have learnt by continuing to engage in ­research when I am a practising therapist.
The Singapore government has ­invested heavily in the local healthcare ­industry in an attempt to meet the growing demand for well-trained professionals. For its investment, the scholarship comes with a bond which isn’t a problem for me. I hope to see the development of more ­healthcare ­courses in local tertiary ­institutions. ­Currently, degree programmes in certain healthcare fields are only offered overseas.

To readers out there, I hope you are also passionate about healthcare and have a ­desire to make a difference in other ­people’s lives. Be open to opportunities in the healthcare industry which could only get bigger as Singapore will be hampered by an ageing population.


MOHH Health Science & Nursing
Scholarship (Overseas)
Age: 22
Now: Pursuing Respiratory Therapy at Ohio State University, USA
From: Temasek Polytechnic (Biotechnology)