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Keppel – Diverse Leadership Opportunities


Keppel Scholar Liang Qiyang is being groomed for leadership right from the start of his career.

My main motivation for seeking a scholarship was to relieve my family’s financial burden. I had a few scholarship offers from the private sector as well as from the universities which are bond-free. However, I have decided to accept the offer from Keppel, which is more attractive for two main reasons.

Firstly, Keppel Offshore & Marine is a multi-business organisation in the offshore, marine infrastructure and property sectors. It has a global footprint in more than 30 countries reflecting its diversity and dynamic nature. Secondly, Keppel’s offshore and marine division could claim to be a global leader in the industry around the world. Therefore, I am proud to work for a company with a humble beginning and grown to become one of the largest conglomerates in Singapore.

Well Balanced Education
As a Keppel scholarship holder, I am blessed with a range of enriching experiences during my studies which have helped shape my personal development tremendously. At NTU, I spent two years with the National University Hospital volunteers working with psychiatric patients. In addition, I also spearheaded the inaugural national taekwondo competition in 2007 with participants from local junior colleges, ITEs, local polytechnics and local universities. I also rode on the opportunity to represent NTU in a taekwondo competition and represented Nanyang Business School at an international business competition.

Keppel Is The Way
On the career front, being a scholarship holder has provided me ample opportunities to integrate into the Keppel family. I have gained a better understanding of the businesses at Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M), Keppel FELS and Keppel Shipyard.  As a member of the Keppel scholar network, I am constantly given the chance to contribute to group-wide initiatives such as Keppel Games and Keppel Volunteers which has certainly enhance my bonding with a variety of colleagues from different business units.

These opportunities to forge bonds with colleagues and to increase my understanding on how the different business unit function has certainly helped paved my career with Keppel. Upon graduation, I was able to assimilate into the business environment from day one with no difficulty. As a graduate accountant, my responsibilities in the Finance department include project costing, account receivables and overseeing Keppel O&M offshore division’s cash flow. Monitoring project costing and cash flows are two of the most important aspects of finance in the rig building business. I am indeed fortunate to be given exposure in these areas, even at a nascent stage of my career.

With hard work and guidance from my supervisors and peers, I am able to contribute productively to the team and to the organisation as a whole. As such, I was nominated to join Keppel’s inaugural Financial Management Programme based on my outstanding work performance. The aim of this programme is to develop future finance leaders for the Keppel Group. As part of the programme requirements, I am currently on my second rotation with Group Internal Audit of Keppel Corporation.

Going beyond studies and work, I am also constantly on the lookout for opportunities to shape my character and enrich my life. Hence, I took the chance to be involved in a myriad of Group initiatives. Last year, I undertook a couple of leadership roles. I volunteered to be the vice-chairperson of the main committee for Keppel Games. This is a three-month sporting event involving all Keppel business units in Singapore. I was also the chairperson of the Keppel Group Blood Donation Drive. The rigorous planning and execution of these events have greatly honed my event management, organisational and interpersonal skills.

Recently, I was invited to join Keppel Young Leaders, an initiative aimed at nurturing high potential employees through high-impact projects and challenging assignments. I would be co-leading a team to conduct feasibility studies on a potential business model.

To sum it all, a scholarship is not only an opportunity on its own. It is also a key to a world of potential and depending on how you manoeuvre this key, it could open up a world of countless rewarding experiences and challenges to shape your future.

Keppel Group Scholarship
Age: 25
Now: Accountant, Keppel FELS
Attained: BAcc (1st Class Hons), NTU
From: National Junior College