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MPA – Boundless Opportunities In The Maritime Industry


To her surprise, Goh Siew Min finds that her ­Accountancy and Business courses fit well into the maritime industry.

As a student doing double degrees in Accountancy and Business in NTU, I decided to take a different career path from most of my peers to explore the maritime sector, a key pillar of Singapore’s ­economy. The Maritime and Port Authority of ­Singapore (MPA) Local Scholarship allowed me full flexibility to take up any course of my choice, the wide range of opportunities and the offer of greater exposure through a series of planned postings and rotations to different areas of work attracted me.

As a scholar, we join the big MPA ­family straightaway. Scholars are invited to events like the annual scholars’ ­gathering and the company’s annual dinner and dance, to connect with our peers and seniors.

MPA aims to hone the academic ­abilities of its scholars while taking note of each one’s personal interests and ­activities. I volunteered with NTU’s Regular Service Project for the hearing impaired. Besides becoming proficient in basic sign ­language, my peers and I designed a ­defence course for hearing-impaired youths and ­organised public song performances (‘singing’ with fingers and facial expressions) in a bid to raise awareness for the project. Also, I was one of the 22 volunteer teachers in the Nanyang Business School Sichuan ­Service Learning Project. It was yet ­another ­highlight of my days in NTU. This ­project is a recent initiative headed by the ­Executive MBA Programme, aimed at ­gradually ­increasing the English proficiency of ­students in Shuangdong-Nanyang Primary School in Deyang, Sichuan.

I am grateful for MPA’s generous support in sponsoring my two foreign ­exchange programmes to Vienna and ­Beijing. Being an exchange student gave me a great opportunity to explore new cultures and meet people. Both overseas exchange programmes were invaluable and enjoyable experiences that presented me with new challenges – for instance, some of the courses that I read during the course of the programme were conducted fully in Chinese!

MPA also places a strong emphasis on offering scholars learning ­opportunities in the form of hands-on experiences even while we study. I have been given the opportunity to go on visits to integrated simulation centres to experience the ­different scenarios faced by ship crews, sea tours to Raffles Lighthouse and visits to Jurong Shipyard, amongst others. My internships include a 10-week stint with MPA’s finance department, where I assisted the Financial Controller in rewriting of the company’s Financial Instruction Manual Review and analysed Fees and Charges ­reports for variances. I also had internships with a small accounting firm and Neptune Orient Line’s accounting department.

Many people think the maritime ­industry is a niche sector, but the fact is that many skills such as accountancy and finance expertise are highly sought after to make the industry run smoothly. In fact, MPA is the place to be for anyone ­looking for a dynamic, exciting and fast-paced ­career in the maritime industry.

MPA Local Scholarship
Age: 22 yr old
Now: Fourth year pursuing Accountancy
and Business at NTU
From: Temasek Junior College