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NTU – Renaissance Engineering Programme


Nurturing a New Wave of Engineering Leaders of a Better Age

Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) is a unique ­programme distinguished by an experienced-based pedagogy integrating Engineering Science and Business Management with a liberal arts flavour.

Lessons will be conducted in the format of seminars and small-group discussions as opposed to the traditional format of lectures and tutorials. E-learning and spirited inquiry on new knowledge, a fearless attitude in exploring new frontiers and experienced-based learning will be encouraged and nurtured.

With an integrated broad-based approach involving ­real-life examples and case studies reflecting the complexities and ­uncertainties prevalent in the real-world high-tech industry ­embedded in the curriculum, REP students will develop the ability to deal with unstructured real-world problems, devising creative ­solutions through discussions with practising adjunct faculty from the ­industry.

Residential Experience
REP students will have assured placement in the NTU halls of residences where residential living will translate into ­residential learning.  The student ­activities will not only allow for ­socialising and ­working with people of different cultural and ethnic ­background, but provide the necessary platform for the ­acquisition of skills in team building, entrepreneurship and ­leadership.

Overseas Industrial Orientation
In Year 3, REP students will spend one full year (2 semesters) overseas in a global partnering university and subscribe to the 2 popular courses entitled Technology Entrepreneurship and ­Technology Leadership offered by The University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley), a top-ranking state university in the United States.

UC Berkeley will offer 9 courses that match the need of REP in Year 3. All REP students will stay in the International House and receive assistance from UC Berkeley on the Industrial Orientation at Silicon Valley.

Life Mentorship/Leadership Development
REP students shall be linked up with a family of life mentors comprising faculty and successful industry leaders/entrepreneurs who would provide pastoral care and career guidance for the ­tenure of their stay in the programme, and as a head start and anchor for subsequent work life.



Though REP was launched in 2011, it has within months of its inauguration, established itself as one of the most sought-after full-time ­university programmes in NTU.

I am proud to be in the pioneer batch of students and my experience here has been challenging, yet immensely fulfilling. The university has spared no effort to ensure the comprehensive integration of the engineering and business branches of the REP’s unique curriculum.

An equal emphasis has also been placed on fostering personal development outside the classroom setting. Besides having the opportunities to attend ­industry seminars and networking sessions with corporate executives, each student is assigned to mentors from both the academia and the professional industry; they provide valuable guidance throughout our college terms.

Here in the REP, students have the ­opportunity to embark on exciting ­overseas ­immersions. Such ­overseas ­experiences are invaluable in ­preparing us to tackle ­complex ­problems in a global ­setting, as well as in broadening our ­perspectives and cultural awareness.

Residential living has also been a major highlight of my ­college life thus far. We are a closely ­knitted community with friends from various disciplines and

I look forward to sharing more of my experiences at NTU with you.

– Chen Xianyong, Alex

Chen Xianyong, Alex
Nanyang Scholar
Year 2, Renaissance Engineering Programme, NTU