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NTU – University Scholars Programme


The Intellectual Adventure of a Lifetime

The University Scholars Programme (USP) leads a university-wide ­commitment to provide an intellectually stimulating and enriching academic ­environment for the best students in NTU. The programme includes an exciting multi-disciplinary ­curriculum that supplements the students’ core curriculum and general education programme. From ethics to quantitative reasoning, from religions of the world to astronomy, USP ­offers a wide range of courses, special events, and learning ­opportunities each year that promise to broaden students’ perspectives and ­challenge their creative thinking and ­analytical ability.

Enabling USP students to pursue ­academic research is just one of the ways that USP expects to inspire ­intellectual ­reflection, encourage critical and ­innovative thinking, and develop leadership skills which will enable them to be pioneers both in their major field of study as well as in business, government, and ­industry more generally. USP students will also have the opportunity to attend ­seminars and participate in fireside chats on topics of academic and social interest with Nobel Laureates, renowned scientists, writers, artists and business leaders while also serving as goodwill ambassadors for the university at signature events.

NTU invests in truly exceptional ­students to equip them with intellectual skills to ensure they are ready for a variety of high-level careers.

Join the USP if you are eager to be part of a vigorous intellectual community.


Being a student in the complex and interconnected 21st century, a cookie cutter degree is not enough. I feel that it is incumbent on us to gain a breath of understanding across multiple fields of studies.
Aside from its monetary and distinguished benefits, USP offers an access to scholarly exposures and exclusive multi-disciplinary modules in a diverse range of political and cultural subjects beyond my core field of studies which I believe is an amazing opportunity.
In essence, NTU has invested heavily in the USP  and seeks to offer a wide range of courses, special events, and learning opportunities each year that promise to broaden perspectives and challenge creative thinking and analytical ability for the best.
As for all the aspiring business and accountancy students out there, NBS needs no introduction – as it is widely known as one of the world’s top-tier business schools in Asia-Pacific. And in my opinion, it is the only university in Singapore that allows you to experience a true university life.
Hence, here’s wishing you rainbows and unicorns for your upcoming admission!

– Huang Zhenxiong

Huang Zhenxiong, Sherwin
USP Scholar
Year 1, Bachelor of Accountancy Nanyang Business School, NTU