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NUS – Boundless Energy & Opportunities At NUS


Why did you apply for the NUS ­Scholarship?
I chose the NUS Scholarship over other ­scholarships offered by government or ­private corporations mainly because it was bond-free.
Although some pre-university ­students prefer the job security that comes with bonded scholarships, I actually like the ­flexibility and freedom to discover my ­career interests as I grow in the university. I feel that this would put me in a position to make better informed decisions about my future career choices, instead of ­having to make such an important decision at the young age of 19, upon completing ­junior college. I have the benefit of going through numerous learning experiences as an undergraduate, e.g. exposure to ­different modules to discover where my interest lies, internship opportunities, talks/seminars, etc. The scholarship also supports students like myself who wish to pursue a double degree, even though it spans ten semesters, which is longer than the usual four-year undergraduate degree course.

Was it easy to apply for the ­scholarship?
A plus point of the NUS Scholarship is the ease of application. When applying for admission to NUS, I was given the option of applying for the NUS Scholarship. A single application would put the candidate into consideration for all five levels of NUS Scholarships available. This is possible because the University is the administrator of the scholarships and hence, a single application would suffice for the University to decide on which scholarship is the most appropriate for each candidate.

Why do you think you were awarded the scholarship?
From the selection process, I gathered that the scholarship selection committee was looking for candidates who were ­­all-rounded team players who were hungry for success. Personally, I feel that I was awarded the scholarship because I am a go-getter who is passionate about developing myself holistically with every opportunity that I get. I also displayed a lot of enthusiasm and initiative during the selection process.

What are the benefits of taking up the NUS Scholarship?
The key benefits of taking up the NUS Scholarship are definitely financial freedom and the fact that it is bond-free. This allows me to pursue my undergraduate studies with minimal worries, develop as a young adult in a world-class university, and also make better informed career decisions at a more mature age.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to be given the opportunity to participate in fully-funded scholar activities such as the NUS Scholar Development Camp in Kota Rainforest Resort in Malaysia, and also an overseas community involvement programme with the Singapore International Foundation under their Water-For-Life project. I was part of a team of twelve that went to a village in Siem Reap to help with the installation of bio-sand filters to bring clean drinking water to a rural village community, and also the construction of a walkway at a nearby health centre. Both these activities not only developed my inter-personal skills, they also allowed me to meet other members of the NUS scholars community.

How has your NUS experience been, and what programmes and activities have you participated in so far?
As a fourth year student, my NUS experience in the past six semesters has been really awesome and memorable. I am pursuing a double degree programme which I find intellectually stimulating and fulfilling. The professors and tutors are dedicated and experienced mentors whom I feel fortunate to be under the guidance of.

I am also part of the pioneer batch of Residential College residents at Tembusu College. Having been in NUS’ University Town Residential Programme (UTRP) since the start of the programme, I have been given numerous opportunities to be involved in its development and growth (including being part of the pioneer batch of Tembusu Ambassadors and Head of the Outreach Committee). As part of the UTRP, I have also managed to read two interdisciplinary modules on Leadership and Climate Change, even though I am on a very rigid curriculum structure. In addition, I am fortunate enough to have been selected for a student exchange programme to Copenhagen Business School next semester. In short, I am appreciative of the fact that NUS has given me many opportunities to maximise my potential, and that the university is willing to go the extra mile for me to pursue my interests.

NUS Kent Ridge Undergraduate Scholarship
Age: 21
Now: Pursuing double degrees in Law and Business Administration at NUS
From: Victoria Junior College