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BCA – Pursuing More Advanced Construction Technology

bca_darrenRalph Waldo Emerson once said, ‘The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.’

It was with a similar belief that Darren Lim chose the overseas undergraduate scholarship and a career with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), to support the transformation of the built environment sector so that it can meet the advances and challenges of the future. Of how it all began, he shared, ‘I’ve always been inspired by the marvels of civil and environmental engineering. Few people know that the advances in this field have saved more lives over history than medicine.’

Moving Up the Ladder
With the BCA Scholarship, Darren pursued his interests at the Imperial College London (UK) and graduated with a Master of Engineering (Civil and Environmental) with First-Class Honours. The four years overseas also taught him a myriad of life skills and built in him the resilience to face life’s challenges and diverse cultures.

As a scholar, Darren was given many opportunities for his personal development. He has worked on cross-functional teams and inter-agency projects, rotated through different portfolios, seconded to the parent Ministry, was mentored by the senior management, and participated in many leadership development programmes.

Currently, Darren is the youngest Director at BCA. Although the opportunities available to scholars are aplenty, Darren realises that expectations are also high and to gain the respect of more experienced colleagues is crucial.

Theme Park Controls
One of Darren’s most noteworthy project was establishing the regulatory framework for amusement ride safety in Singapore. This was especially vital with the development of more complex amusement rides and bigger theme parks then.

‘To develop the framework, we visited and learnt from overseas regulators in the US, Hong Kong and UK. It was a hectic two years before the Bill was passed in parliament, much to the satisfaction of my team,’ he added. Furthermore, Darren was invited to speak at international conferences in Hong Kong and Manila to share BCA’s experience and help professionals from other countries.

Transforming The Industry
Darren is currently at the helm of two departments at the Construction Productivity Centre, which encourages the industry to adopt technologically advanced methods of construction. ‘Beyond this, we also keep tabs on the latest construction trends and identify suitable technologies to adapt for use in Singapore. We also work closely with both public and private sector developers to explore and pilot these new methods in their projects,’ he elaborates.

Indeed in the course of his career with BCA, Darren had fulfilled his ambitions to develop policies, implement key initiatives and work with both government and private agencies to ensure that we have a greener, more resilient, user-friendly and liveable built environment in Singapore. Darren encourages those who are keen on the BCA Undergraduate Scholarship to join the BCA to make our nation’s future your future.

BCA Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship
Age: 34
Now: Director, Productivity
Development (Industry) and
Practices & Research Departments
Attained: MEng (Civil & Environmental) with First-Class Honours, Imperial College London, UK
From: Hwa Chong JC