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sembcorp-iwanIWAN YULIYANTO
Age: 24
Attained:  BAcc (First Class Hons)
from NTU 2012
Now: Executive, Finance and Business
Process Dept
From: Singapore Polytechnic

The Sembcorp Scholarship enables Iwan Yuliyanto to prove his ability to lead.

Igraduated from Singapore Polytechnic .with a Diploma in Accountancy in 2009. Having graduated with a Gold Medal, the highest form of recognition for overall performance, I was offered scholarships from a number of organisations to pursue my bachelor degree.

After careful deliberation, I chose the Sembcorp Scholarship due to these reasons I’ll describe below.

Firstly, the attractive scholarship coverage encompasses tuition fees, hostel accommodation, monthly allowance, internship opportunity and an overseas exchange programme. Also, I believed I could learn a lot from Sembcorp’s vast global businesses. Finally, it was the first year that Sembcorp offered scholarships to Accountancy students. I believed that this scholarship would be an excellent opportunity for me to learn and grow with Sembcorp.

I have never regretted accepting the Sembcorp Scholarship. In fact, it was a big turning point in my life.

In Polytechnic, I had to manage my time well to handle both academic studies and part-time jobs. Thanks to the Sembcorp Scholarship, things were different when I pursued my bachelor’s degree. I was able to maximise my time for academic studies and participate in extra-curricular activities. I took up various leadership roles during my three years at NTU. I was the president of Nanyang Business School (NBS) Exchange Club, NBS ­Ambassador, ­financial controller of NTU Tax Advisory Club, vice-president of NTU Hall 13 Charity Project, sponsorship director of NTU U-Study Campaign and many more. These roles deeply enhanced my skills in leadership, ­decision-making and people management.
In 2011, through the Sembcorp Scholarship, I experienced an overseas ­exchange programme to Dublin, Ireland, for one semester. Within the same year, I also took on an overseas internship opportunity at Sembcorp’s ­operations in the United Arab Emirates.
All these were made only possible because of the scholarship, in which I am grateful for.

My Life At Sembcorp

Upon graduation, in June 2012, I began my career at Sembcorp’s Finance and Business Process department. My main portfolio then was ­handling the group’s policies and procedures, which involves the ­development and ­alignment process.

In addition, I am also working on a project for a joint venture company in India. Not only has this project allowed me to gain regional exposure in India, it also exposed me to the development of governance framework as required by the Singapore Exchange.

I am also honoured to be appointed chairman for Sembcorp’s Dinner and Dance event in 2012. It was a great platform for me to expand my ­network within the company as well as further sharpen my leadership skills.

Through this article, I want to encourage candidates to apply for any scholarship that is relevant to their field of study. To those considering a scholarship. I’ll say, ‘If you never try, you will never know, so don’t ever give up as there is no harm in trying’.