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SMU – Flexibility To Achieve One’s Best

Jacintha Tan Mei Yi 1 A bond-free scholarship allows SMU Scholar Jacintha Tan to enjoy the best of local and overseas education.

Singapore Management University (SMU) is committed to providing a world-class education to its students. Its welfare for students is also well manifested with the variety of scholarships, awards, grants and financial assistance available.  These ensure that students will not be hindered from achieving their best owing to financial concerns.

As part of a well-rounded education, students are strongly encouraged to take part in activities such as overseas community service projects, study missions, exchange programmes, internships and conferences, of which the costs are even covered by some of the grants awarded.  SMU’s dedication to its students and their wholesome development is further exemplified from the fact that all its scholarships are bond-free.

I was attracted to enroll in SMU due to the extremely positive reports I heard and read from the media. SMU is different and adopts a pedagogy that truly trains students with the essential skills and cutting edge to succeed.  In addition, SMU’s double degree programme is also well structured and allows me the flexibility to attain a broader and deeper scope of knowledge according to my interests.  As such, accepting the SMU scholarship was an easy decision since it allowed me to pursue a first-rate education and focus on my personal development without worrying about financial costs.

Overseas Experience
The SMU scholarship covered my tuition fees fully. It also provided me with an allowance of S$5,000 annually and a one-off S$3,000 grant to purchase a notebook computer of my choice for ease of learning.  These monetary benefits have enabled me to fully enjoy my varsity life, immersing myself in the pursuit of knowledge and other interests.  During my first summer holidays in SMU, I participated in a summer study trip to the University of British Columbia in Canada for over a month, and my annual allowance helped to offset much of the costs.  It was a truly enriching experience as I learnt to be much more independent.  I had never been overseas for such a long time.  In the following year, I organised and went on an overseas community service trip to Myanmar to serve the less fortunate orphans.  I was happy to be able to improve their living conditions and bring love and joy to them, together with hopes for a better future.

I enjoyed my experience in Canada so much that I started looking forward to embarking on an international exchange programme, which I did just last year in January for five months.  Spending winter and spring in Helsinki, Finland, was amazing as I had the chance to immerse myself in such a tremendously different culture and climate.  It was a journey of self-discovery and I was also able to travel to many different cities in Europe.  Taking on an overseas internship in Hong Kong was another wonderful choice as I could experience working and living in one of the most important financial hubs in Asia.  These experiences really helped hone my international outlook and discover the path that I would like to take upon graduation!

The beauty of an education in SMU lies in the boundless opportunities available to those who are willing to take the step forward.  The SMU scholarship provides me the freedom to pursue my interests and lead an extremely fruitful varsity life.

Being passionate about tennis, I was the Ladies Captain of the SMU tennis team for two years, and strived to build up the commitment and camaraderie within the team.  By having fun together and training hard as a team, we were finally able to clinch the championship position in the inter-varsity competition last year.  In a bid to do my part to serve the school and my fellow students, I took up the position of Events Manager in the SMU Sports Union and actively tried to make a difference to the sporting culture in school.  I was also Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of major sporting events in school to increase the awareness of the sports clubs.

Now that I am in my last semester, I am thankful for all the opportunities the school has rendered.  It was the place that I made many new friends, learnt new things, experienced setbacks and recovered from them to become a better person, and so much more.  From a culmination of good choices and learning from bad ones, I have since grown so much over the past few years. Accepting the SMU scholarship was definitely one of my best choices as it sets the stage for such wonderful and rewarding journey.

SMU Scholarship
Age: 23
Now: Fourth-year undergraduate pursuing a double degree in Accountancy and
Business Management at SMU
From: Raffles Junior College