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Sembcorp – Variety Is The Spice Of Life

sembcorp_chanAt Sembcorp, Chan Hui Yi is fortunate to be always experiencing new things working in diverse business units.

Choosing the right scholarship could be a turning point in your life. Like most students, I faced the same difficulty deciding on a suitable scholarship. To me, it is important to choose a prestigious, global company that offers work experience in different industries and countries. This is why I decided on the Sembcorp Scholarship and upon graduation, I work as an engineer in the power sector on Jurong Island.

Prestigious Global Company
Sembcorp is a global company with operations in six continents. Being a leader in the essential utilities industry (energy and water), Sembcorp is a well-known international name. With an organisation like this, I have many opportunities to develop my skills and experience. Scholars get job rotations within Singapore and in overseas business units with the guidance and support from the company. I feel that this is the best way scholars can develop their careers and are groomed to be leaders.

Interesting Learning Experiences
In the university, a Sembcorp scholar has to serve two eight-week internships with the company. I like the idea of an internship as it allows me to understand more about the company before I join and for this I looked forward to the school holidays. In addition, it provides me with the opportunity to know colleagues that I will be working with in the future.
Even during internship, I got to work in different departments, in the Water Operations and Solid Waste Management. As an intern, I followed the operation engineers to gain hands-on experience and learn the operations of individual departments. To me, an efficient operation is a core yardstick of the company as this will determine the reputation of the company and subsequently, its growth and expansion. My internship was a precious learning process and it was meaning to me.

Great Opportunities Provided
Sembcorp is receptive to our views and we can communicate our preferred area of work to the human resource department. Having worked in the Water Operations and Solid Waste Management, I wanted to experience something new and I chose the Energy Business Unit. Although the energy sector is vastly different from my studies in Environmental Engineering, I am fortunate to be accepted as part of the energy team.
It is interesting to be working in an environment that I least expect myself to be in. My greatest job satisfaction comes from seeing myself adapt to a new environment and learning from ground zero. ­Thankfully, I have helpful colleagues and superiors who are willing to impart their valuable ­knowledge to me. I realised that in the working world, grades are not everything. Being humble and willing to learn at all times are more important. I also appreciate the company’s culture of promoting a good work-life balance.

Strong Working Culture And Support
The Hippocampus Club is a networking group for Sembcorp scholars; it is set up and run by scholars. The club provides mentoring, and helps with welfare and personal development for scholars. Through this club, I am able to bond with and seek support from other scholars, as well as learn from the experiences of the seniors.
I believe that the learning process should be enjoyable. With the Sembcorp Scholarship, I have grown to be more mature in handling things and learnt to foster good relationships with my peers. If you can find a scholarship that can develop and nurture you, I am sure it will be a turning point for you too.

Sembcorp Scholarship
Age: 23
Now: Engineer, Energy Business Unit
Attained: BEng in Environmental Engineering, NTU
From: Singapore Polytechnic