About Us


  • We keep and maintain a comprehensive database of all scholarships available for undergraduate studies.
  • We partner scholarship providers, so we can compile updated information on the current job market, job opportunities in the different sectors and the scholarships they offer.
  • We work closely with schools so we can help students by providing them with the information we gather.

"Our objective is to maintain the largest scholarships database offered by all scholarship providers - from both the private and government sectors - and we, in turn, make this information available to students for them to use to make informed choices."

Scholarship Guide founded in 1998 and its first print made its way to all Junior Colleges just days before the release of 1997 Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level Examination Results. The magazines have been given out free to students and we receive the support of all schools ever since. Today, our circulation reach has increased; distributing the magazines to polytechnics, universities as well as selected international schools offering International Baccalaureate.

Our portal of the same name started in 2010, has gone through a significant revamp and relaunched in February 2020.

With the most comprehensive range of scholarships to choose from, it is without any doubt that students will use our magazine as well as our online platform when they need to search for that ideal scholarship.

Scholarship Guide Private Limited.