Scholarship Guide 2020 Vol. 2

Taking the unprecedented start of 2020 in stride, we recognise that it serves as a reminder of how unpredictable the future can be. We have often heard the phrase that, “change is the only constant”. In this day and age, it is critical that we remain flexible and creative in our ways to keep up with the evolving work landscape and stay equipped amidst unprecedented events.

Scholarship Guide 2020 Vol. 1

Welcome to the start of the New Year. We hope that everyone has had a fruitful beginning to the year so far. While some are already busy embarking on a new venture, there may be many who are still looking for their ideal scholarship.

Scholarship Guide 2019 Vol.2

We have crossed the half-year mark of 2019 and we hope everyone is in high spirits, as we are. We have come to that time of the year again when anxiety builds up as major exam dates approach. For some, this is also the time to start shopping for suitable scholarships to help them finance their further education as well as to secure the dream job at the end of their studies. We hope to continue providing you with helpful and comprehensive information on scholarship matters.

Scholarship Guide 2019 Vol. 1

2019 marks Scholarship Guide’s 21st anniversary. We trace our roots back to 1998 when we became one of the first publishers to provide reliable information on matters pertaining to scholarships. Over the years, we have gained vast experience in this area and aspire to continue sharing that knowledge.
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