Scholarship Guide 2019

Volume 1

Publisher's Note

2019 marks Scholarship Guide’s 21st anniversary. We trace our roots back to 1998 when we became one of the first publishers to provide reliable information on matters pertaining to scholarships. Over the years, we have gained vast experience in this area and aspire to continue sharing that knowledge.

Making a Difference Through Podiatric Health Care

MOH Holdings helps Chiam ShiQi further her passion for a specialised field in healthcare.

Serving the People of Singapore

Meet Teoh Meng Wee, 38, who works at MND as Senior Assistant Director of Housing (Town Councils) Division. This is her experience on how she was groomed to excel in her role, and the fulfilment she derives at MND.

Engineering Homes of Tomorrow

The growth of public housing in Singapore requires people who think many steps ahead. Always curious and determined when it comes to solving problems, Lim Zhongyan relishes the challenge of building new generation housing as an engineer with the Housing and Development Board.

Always Growing in the Marine Industry

Being a structural engineer is not without its challenges, but Evan Cheok finds the experience at Sembcorp Marine exciting and rewarding.

Shaping the Future of Food

Kelvin Chen finds great meaning in helping to ensure a resilient supply of safe food for Singapore at AVA.

Scholarship Guide Scholar Kelvin Chen AVA Undergraduate Scholarship

For the Love of Animals

As a National Parks Board Scholar, Rekha was able to pursue her passion for wildlife conservation abroad and then at home, to safeguard our biodiversity.

Navigating the International Waters of the Maritime Industry

The MPA continually seeks to upgrade our nation’s capabilities as a leading maritime hub. A forward-looking and eager learner, Tan Chong Yuan fits well in the ever-evolving industry.

Playing a Part in Transforming the Built Environment

As a BCA Scholar, Lee Si Min goes behind the scenes of the building industry, getting intimately involved in its evolution at the country’s top agencies.

From Imagining to Designing the Urban City

Architecture crosses a diversity of disciplines. As a URA scholar, He Yutian dipped her toes into all her interests in building the future of Singapore.

Towards Ensuring Water Sustainability

Mechanical engineers in PUB play an important role in navigating the inner workings of our water systems. The NEW Scholarship allows Kevan Kong to turn his passion for water management into a way to give back to the community.

Building Ideas from Paper to Concrete

As an architect at DP Architects, Muhammad Hafiz Bin Hanip gets many exciting opportunities to shape the built environment, designing a diverse range of sites both locally and abroad.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Attracted by the vibrant student life, Mabel Tan makes the best of her many NUS Scholarship opportunities.

Readying Singapore's Response to Geohazards

Geohazards such as earthquakes and volcanoes can impact Singapore, but few pursue the path of a geophysicist to learn about and understand these hazards. With the help of the NEA’s NEW Scholarship, Madeline Ang rises to the challenge.

Soaring High in the Aviation Industry

Opportunities to grow are aplenty for Skyler Tan at the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, allowing him to further his passion for air travel.

Exploring Oneself with an Arts Education

The NUS Global Merit Scholarship keeps career options wide and free from obligations for students. Wesley Kam uses this freedom to rediscover how he can give back to the community.

Insights from the Minister-In-Charge of GovTech

Dr. Janil Puthucheary, minister-in-charge of the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech), shares his insights at the first STACK 2018 Developers Conference.

4 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence can mean the difference between behaving in a socially acceptable way and being considered to be way out of line. While most people will have heard of emotional intelligence, not many people really know how to spot it – in themselves or in others.

7 Ways You Can Improve Your Career Prospects While Studying Abroad

The idea of studying abroad is like a dream. You get to stay a few months or even years in another country and fully immerse yourself in the culture by attending classes like a local.

Cross-Cultural Communications: Why You Should Volunteer Abroad

Cross-cultural communication is challenging. Each culture has its own set of rules, and we all carry a collection of cultural biases when we interact with people.

5 Jobs Interviews Tips All Fresh Graduates Should Know

You did it, you finally graduated from university! Now comes the next big challenge: finding a job. As a fresh graduate, the job interview is often a source of anxiety, especially when you have little or no experience in it. 


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