Scholarship Guide 2019

Volume 2

Publisher's Note

We have crossed the half-year mark of 2019 and we hope everyone is in high spirits, as we are.

We have come to that time of the year again when anxiety builds up as major exam dates approach. For some, this is also the time to start shopping for suitable scholarships to help them finance their further education as well as to secure the dream job at the end of their studies. We hope to continue providing you with helpful and comprehensive information on scholarship matters.

Journey Towards a Fulfilling Career in Nursing

As a Healthcare Scholar, Lu Yen Ling shares how MOH Holdings’ Healthcare Merit Award has helped to fulfill her passion for improving the well-being of others.

Alwaying Growing in the Marine Industry

Being a structural engineer is not without its challenges, but Evan Cheok finds the experience at Sembcorp Marine exciting and rewarding.

Serving the People of Singapore

Meet Teoh Meng Wee, 38, who works at MND as Senior Assistant Director of Housing (Town Councils) Division. This is her experience on how she was groomed to excel in her role, and the fulfilment she derives at MND.

Playing a Part in Transforming the Built Environment

As a BCA Scholar, Lee Si Min goes behind the scenes of the building industry, getting intimately involved in its evolution at the country’s top agencies.

Engineering Homes of Tomorrow

Always curious and determined when it comes to solving problems, Lim Zhongyan relishes the challenge of building new generation housing as an engineer with the Housing and Development Board.

For the Love of Animals

As a National Parks Board Scholar, Rekha was able to pursue her passion for wildlife conservation abroad and then at home, to safeguard our biodiversity.

From Imagining to Designing the Urban City

Architecture crosses a diversity of disciplines. As a URA scholar, He Yutian dipped her toes into all her interests in building the future of Singapore.

The Many Roles of PUB

Other than taking care of providing water for consumption and public drainage, PUB is also using waterways for the beautification of Singapore’s cityscape, Ong Zhi Siong explains.

Readying Singapore's Response to Geohazards

Geohazards such as earthquakes and volcanoes can impact Singapore, but few pursue the path of a geophysicist to learn about and understand these hazards. With the help of the NEA’s NEW Scholarship, Madeline Ang rises to the challenge.

Navigating the International Waters of the Maritime Industry

The MPA continually seeks to upgrade our nation’s capabilities as a leading maritime hub. A forward-looking and eager learner, Tan Chong Yuan fits well in the ever-evolving industry.

Giving Back to the Community Through Sports

The NUS Sports Scholarship offers Li Zhengxi the rare opportunity to pursue both of his distinct passions – badminton and law.

Re-Discovering Self at NUS

More than just a scholarship, the NUS Merit Scholarship augments Chloe Chan’s long-term personal growth.

Nurturing Tomorrow's Tech Leaders

Bringing in students and developing them into young tech leaders have always been the focus of GovTech. As the lead agency driving Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative and public sector digital transformation,

5 Tips to Develop Your Leadership Skills at University

These days, graduating with top grades is not enough to ensure success in your career. For a variety of jobs, the ability to lead well is highly valuable and can help you rise through the ranks.

Top 10 Things You Must Ask Yourself Before Applying For Scholarships

In Singapore, the A-Levels are very important because it would determine where you can enrol for college and if you can enrol in the course you want.

What Do Scholarship Committees Look For?

The biggest question students have when applying for scholarships: "What are the criteria of an ideal candidate?" ​Definitely an important and valid concern, as knowing what the scholarship provider needs can help make the process much simpler.

Are You Scholarship Material?

Wear a tie or a jacket, a dress or pantsuit? Perplexed about what to wear to that scholarship interview? NTU HEY! Magazine speaks to some experts for suggestions.

5 Simple Ways To Do a Digital Detox at University

Do you often get angry at yourself because you’ve just spent an hour or even more on your phone, scrolling through Instagram or Tumblr? Well, you’re not the only one.

7 Ways to Prepare for a Successful Networking Event

Networking events are a crucial way to meet new people, reinforce relationships with existing contacts and usually learn something new about your industry.

How to Highlight Your Volunteer Experience in an Interview

Volunteering can help to boost your skills and expand your network while you are transitioning between sectors, rejoining the workforce after a career break, or trying to figure out how to utilise a degree.


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