Scholarship Guide 2020

Volume 1

Publisher's Note

Welcome to the start of the New Year. We hope that everyone has had a fruitful beginning to the year so far.

While some are already busy embarking on a new venture, there may be many who are still looking for their ideal scholarship. We hope to be of assistance to you with our lineup of useful information and great articles to guide you in your scholarship search.

Passion to Defend Our Cyberspace

Scholar Ryan Kwok shares his scholarship journey and aspirations for a Smart Nation.

Enabling People Using Data and Technology

Scholar Goh Jia Yi shares her scholarship journey and aspirations for a Smart Nation.

Smart Nation Scholarship

Improving Lives with Technology

Even among his diverse interests, including being skilled in archery and basketball, Penn Han’s aptitude for computers was evident since his schooling days.

Changing the World with Energy

As the consumption of fossil fuels grows worldwide, the need for alternative energy sources needs to be explored. Jesse Raj Espinoso Pandian rises to the challenge with the Sembcorp Scholarship.

Seeing the World Through Aviation

CAAS Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship alum Melanie Teo went abroad with her programme and enriched her professional life.

Working with the Children of the Future

Poh Jia Yi, Bee is an Executive Principal at My First Skool (Kampung Admiralty) who received multiple company-sponsored developmental opportunities during her 10-year career.

Having the Right Edge

MND Edge scholar Rachel Liu Yunyann steps into the world of urban planning and real estate in Singapore.

Reaching New Heights

Tan Jing Ying Reveals Her Plans to Shape the Built Environment Sector.

Built For Success

Teoh Lai Xing is set to achieve his dreams with the help of BCA-Teambuild Built Environment Undergraduate Scholarship.

Creating Cities for the Future

HDB Undergraduate scholar Zacary went overseas with his scholarship and now has a glowing career as an engineer at HDB.

Welcome to the Jungle

A love for animals took NParks Undergraduate Scholarship candidate Shawn on a journey into veterinary and wildlife care.

Understanding the Earth

NParks Undergraduate scholar Rebecca took her love for the environment to the next level with land planning of Singapore.

Planning a Cityscape for a Future Singapore

From an empty plot of land, Ng Jia Yi – URA Scholar sees potential cities and living quarters.

The Diverse World of Computer Science

URA Scholar, Wilson Chua sets to achieve digital fluency and global exposure at Imperial College London.

Engineering Her Route to Success

Jolyn Tan reveals sound advice to make the most out of a scholarship.

All Set to Make a Greater Impact

With the National Environment & Water Scholarship, Chew Li Hong hopes to give back after graduating.

Passion to Uplift Singapore's Food Landscape Through Science & Technology

Tan Yung-En Joash shares why he chose SFA and his future aspirations for the agriculture industry in Singapore.

The Science of Engineering

NUS Merit Scholar, Erika starts her first year as a Biomedical Engineering student to start her potential career in this growing industry.

Understanding Both Sides of the Coin

NUS Global Merit Scholar, Jia Rui ventures into a double degree in business administration and computer science thus diversifying his skillset for his future work life.

Overview: Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Many universities offer various financial assistance schemes to empower each student on their academic journey. A tertiary education is increasingly important for career prospects and it is strongly recommended to further your studies beyond secondary school.

How to Cope with Failure and Rejection

Ah the hard ‘no,’ it’s never a pleasant thing to hear. The word ‘no’ quite often implies rejection and failure. Applying for jobs is always a tricky and time-consuming process – one can say that looking for a job, is a full-time job.

What is a Psychometric Test and Why are Employers Looking at it?

As companies are starting to place more importance on a social and cultural fit, psychometric tests are becoming more commonplace to help employers make an informed decision about a candidate’s suitability for a role within their organisation.

To Be or Not to Be a Graduate Intern

A study in 2015 by UK-based company High Fliers, has shown that almost 50% of potential employers agree that fresh graduates with zero work experience are unlikely to be hired.

How to Politely Decline After Accepting a Job Offer

Accepted a job offer that you regret? Or simply because a better offer came along after you said ‘yes’ to the first one. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business. However, ‘ghosting’ your potential employers is still not advisable.

How to Ace Your Scholarship Essay

Scholarship committees receive thousands of applicants on a yearly basis, so what makes a candidate truly shine and stand out from the rabble? Nailing your scholarship essay is one step to set yourself apart.

Top Reasons to Join the Environmental Stream

With NTU and NUS taking the lead in environmental studies, there's more avenues for education to explore.

Choosing the Right University Course

Picking the right university course for you is probably the second most important step of your tertiary education (aside from choosing to have a tertiary education).


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