Scholarship Guide 2020

Volume 2

Publisher's Note

Taking the unprecedented start of 2020 in stride, we recognise that it serves as a reminder of how unpredictable the future can be.

We have often heard the phrase that, “change is the only constant”. In this day and age, it is critical that we remain flexible and creative in our ways to keep up with the evolving work landscape and stay equipped amidst unprecedented events.

Engineering Her Route to Success

Jolyn Tan reveals sound advice to make the most out of a scholarship.

All Set to Make a Greater Impact

With the National Environment & Water Scholarship, Chew Li Hong hopes to give back after graduating.

Strengthening Food Security and Safety, From Farm to Fork

Germaine Thong shares why and how she sees herself being a steward of SFA’s mission in ensuring and securing a supply of safe food.

At the Heart of Early Childhood Education

At a young age, Queenie Chan discovered her love for children. Inspired by her pre-school teachers growing up, Queenie pursued a purposeful career in Early Childhood Care and Education.

Welcome to the Jungle

A love for animals took NParks Undergraduate Scholarship candidate Shawn on a journey into veterinary and wildlife care.

Understanding the Earth

NParks Undergraduate scholar Rebecca took her love for the environment to the next level with land planning of Singapore.

Planning a Cityscape for a Future Singapore

From an empty plot of land, Ng Jia Yi – URA Scholar sees potential cities and living quarters.

The Diverse World of Computer Science

URA Scholar, Wilson Chua sets to achieve digital fluency and global exposure at Imperial College London.

Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

Aaron Tan's keen interest in the financial world led him to undertake Business Administration in NUS. When he is not studying in hall, he enjoys sports and fundraising activities.

Running After Success

As a student-athlete, Levyn Wong has honed a variety of skills which has contributed to her success both on and off the field. She shares how cultivating resilience has enabled her to cross hurdles and bounce back after encountering setbacks in life.

Habits of a Successful Student: A Practical Guide

It is easy to think that some students are born to excel and others were born to just “get by” in school. While it is true that we are all born with different strengths and abilities, there are actually some habits we can all practise to ensure that we excel in the things we set out to do in life.

Man vs Machines: The Future Marketplace with Technology in Mind

Smart systems are often viewed as a threat rather than a tool to increase accuracy and productivity in our everyday life. Will machines kill jobs or create new ones for Man? In this article, we will explore some of the pros and cons of this ongoing argument.

Creativity: The Catalyst for Change

Being creative is an understated asset in life. Growing up, we often shift our focus away from it. However, the very moment we walk outside and take a good look around us, we are greeted with a plethora of creative developments that have contributed to a greater level of efficiency to aid our daily activities.

Diplomatic Relations in the Office: 3 Keys to Survive Competition

The same way schools have rules for conduct, there is a certain decorum that is required of us in an office setting too. Many young professionals who enter the working world are unsure of what exactly it means to be “professional”.

From Model Student to Model Employee: 7 Things Your Future Employer Wants From You

How do you stand out as a model employee? Matching top-notch work with excellent ethics is your golden ticket. Here are seven pro-tips to outshine your competition no matter which work environment you find yourself in.

The Future Office Landscape: Co-Working Spaces

Some companies in Singapore have allowed employees the flexibility to work from home or inhabit other conducive work spaces in their efforts to promote a vibrant and efficient working culture.


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