Smart & Sustainable Habits Worth Cultivating: Introducing susGain

Scholarship Guide Smart & Sustainable Habits Worth Cultivating: Introducing susGain Save the World

When it comes to sustainability, it makes common sense to agree with its vision and goals. However, many people find it challenging to translate belief into habits and in doing so, incite powerful change through tangible support. There are many myths when it comes to sustainability. Some include frequent assumptions that sustainable products and practices are inconvenient, expensive and difficult to source.

To mitigate this issue, a new sustainability mobile app was introduced in Singapore last year called ‘susGain’. This green app aims to protect our planet by empowering consumers to stay sustainable on the go. With its smart features and technology, the app maps out the nearest locations for food, shopping and recycling points for busy consumers to reference fuss-free. With categories ranging from recycling and retail to wellness and farming, there are a plethora of green opportunities for everyone. It also provides updates on interactive and informative events (roadshows, pop-ups, gift shops etc) revolving around sustainability in the hopes that like-minded individuals will proactively join the green community and passionately contribute to its ambitious efforts. Why? When awareness is met by action and personal responsibility, change will happen.

Despite being still in its early days, within six months of its de- but, susGain has attracted a community of over 3,000 app users, 120 businesses, 6 charities and 40 community partnerships, who share the same values and are willing to collaborate on achieving

a common goal. This entity strongly believes that it requires all stakeholders to come together and work on it collectively. In the words of susGain, “It makes us very happy to see how we are slowly turning into a network aggregator for just that.”

Intrigued by how this new startup is gaining traction and facilitating positive change in Singapore, we sat down with the founder of susGain, Carolin Barr, and sought out her hopes and dreams for the app and its users. Here is what she had to say:

Briefly Describe susGain, Its Key Features and How One Can Join the Green Community.

susGain is a free mobile app that incentivises people in Singa- pore to adopt more sustainable lifestyle habits. Users collect points for eco-friendly habits, earn cashback rewards at eco and socially conscious businesses and automatically support initiatives for sustainable development with each spend. Discover the sustainable landscape all around you.

Here is how it works:

  1. After downloading the app, you can easily locate eco and socially conscious stores, water refill stations, recycling points, “bring your own” (BYO) locations, donation points, clothing swaps, events and other relevant information at your fingertips.
  2. Earn susGain points for your impactful choices and actions. With the accumulation of susGain points, you will quickly rise in your rewards tier, impact and leaderboard score.
  3. For purchases at a partnering business in-store or online, in- stantly earn cashback on your net spend. susGain also do- nates an equal percentage to a local charity/cause closest to your heart and you have the freedom to choose who to sup- port through the app.
  4. Spend your cashback rewards at partnering businesses or withdraw cashback to your bank account. For the greatest im- pact, donate it to the charity you are most passionate about.

Why Is It Crucial To Cultivate Green Habits Now More Than Ever?

With climate change being in the news almost on a daily basis, there is a heightened awareness for sustainability. In fact, over 90% of Singapore residents are aware of the climate and its im- pact. Yet, the issue is that most of us struggle to translate our awareness into firm actions and do not really know where and how to start. This is what we call the ‘intention-action’ gap. At the same time, news about melting icebergs, increase in natural disasters and on a local-level, knowing our Semakau landfill is expected to be fully filled by 2035 remind us that there is an im- mediate need to act.

There are some very positive and exciting developments happen- ing on a national level. For instance, with the recently announced Singapore Green Plan 2030, it is important that we step up and participate in this movement to achieve the ambitious goals set.

How Does susGain Create Value for Both Its Users and Business Partners Simultaneously?

For users, susGain simplifies the process of making green choices on the go. With the search function and map, you can instantly locate vegetarian restaurants, water refill stations, beach clean up events, and eco-conscious partner businesses that are proven credible according to the sustainability framework. App users also enjoy cashback rewards with each of their purchases. In addition, susGain offers “Cashback with a Purpose” and automatically activates a micro-donation to a local charity of the user’s choice with each spend too.

Businesses have joined susGain to feature their sustainable products and practices to customers who value these efforts. In turn, this helps them attract, engage and retain the fast-growing number of conscious consumers and strengthen their brand image and competitiveness in the process.

Scholarship Guide Smart & Sustainable Habits Worth Cultivating: Introducing susGain Computer

What Are Some Common Misconceptions When It Comes to Sustainability?

Some people think that their individual actions do not really matter as it will not make a considerable impact. While it is true that an individual action alone can only do so much, our most powerful voice lies in the everyday choices we make with our wallets. With mindful consumption and support for businesses which are actively working towards the same common goal, we have the collective power to create quite a sizable impact.

Another common misconception is that adopting a sustainable lifestyle means “all in or nothing” and some people – afraid of not being able to do it perfectly – shy away from giving it a try. This misconception is actually very untrue and it really does not matter how small your action is and which aspect of sustainability you focus on. Be it starting with reducing your waste or adopting a more conscious diet, what is most important is that you give it a try.

The susGain app is designed to make it simple and convenient to kickstart a green journey. Putting it in Anne Marie Bonneau’s words: “We do not need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people to do it imperfectly.”

How Is Sustainability a World Asset?

We only have one planet and protecting it should be our utmost priority. As such, we need to join forces and collaborate with one another to create an environment in which sustainability becomes the new measure of personal and business success.

Share Five Smart & Sustainable Habits Everyone Can Start Cultivating:

  1. Cultivate the habit of always leaving the house with a spare bag, food container and water bottle, you never know what the day will bring.
  2. Shop local. Supporting local businesses not only reduces the carbon footprint but also supports our community.
  3. Introduce more plant-based food into your diet. Opt for a ‘meatless monday’ and gradually incorporate and introduce more vegetables and plant-based products into your daily lifestyle.
  4. Green your closet. Fashion contributes an estimated 10% of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. By shopping at trendy thrift or swap stores (which you can locate on the app), you can continue adding new styles to your wardrobe without the guilt.
  5. Encourage your friends and family to join you on your journey. There is a lot to explore, experience and learn together. It also becomes an impactful and empowering way to bond with loved ones.