Taking Flight in the Aviation Sector

Divesh s/o Singaraju

Bestowed the SIA scholarship, Divesh s/o Singaraju offers an insight into his learning journey that has led him to a rewarding career in the airline industry.

What drew you to choose this scholarship?

The airline industry has always intrigued me with its dynamicity and interrelationship between many different elements such as planning, revenue management, operations etc. Singapore Airlines (SIA), our nation’s pride and joy, has been recognised as a world-class carrier, making it clear that it was the place to be at for me. SIA’s global reach and wide coverage of disciplines enable its employees to pick up many diverse skill sets that are relevant and applicable to many industries today. The opportunity to grow professionally and develop strategic thinking while working with the industry’s greatest minds is something that is irreplaceable.

What are the qualities you have that you believe landed you the scholarship?

I believe the following two qualities were key in allowing me to be awarded the scholarship. Firstly, professionalism; the ability to confidently communicate and provide insightful and constructive contributions to discussions. The second quality would be passion towards learning and asking questions; having the enthusiasm, determination and focus to be challenged in different new projects and to conscientiously work to deliver quality results.

What career and developmental opportunities does the scholarship offer its scholars?

The scholarship provides scholars with the opportunity to take up internships in various departments of the organisation prior to the actual commencement of work. This exposes them to different projects handled within the company, providing first-hand experience in understanding the airline industry and working culture in SIA. Networking opportunities with peers and senior management are available to provide additional avenues for guidance and advice when needed.

What advice do you have for those interested in the SIA scholarship?

The airline industry is very diverse with endless opportunities to learn and grow. The ability to constantly adapt and evolve with the ever-changing industry is crucial. Determination and creativity are also key in today’s exciting times. Individuals should constantly challenge themselves to come up with fresh and innovative ideas and solutions, based on the skills and domain knowledge expertise acquired within the company.   

Tell us about your job. What do you love about it?

My job involves managing the airport self-service touchpoints (check-in kiosks, automated bag drops and self-boarding gates) at all our operating stations. This includes the introduction of new initiatives and enhancements, where I actively communicate and coordinate with airports, ground handling teams, station managers and touchpoint vendors, to ensure that our day-to-day operations are not affected.

What I love about my job is how closely I get to work with technology and how it is not heavily desk-bound. Being a technical enabler for airport operations, I spend a large amount of time testing new enhancements, investigating issues and flying to our overseas stations to implement new self-service products. Attending aviation conferences and participating in project groups to plan for the future of aviation allows me to acquire more knowledge and exposure, making my overall job interesting and definitely rewarding.

SIA-SINDA Overseas Scholarship
Attained: Master of Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering), Imperial College London
Now: Chief Product Owner, Customer Services Data Analytics (CSDA) squad
From: Singapore Polytechnic