Deadline: 15 March 2022

Defence Merit Scholarship (Non-Military) (Mindef Scholarship Centre)

Scholarship Provider: MINDEF Scholarship Centre

The Defence Merit Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship offered by MINDEF for civilian appointments in the organisation. Awarded to a select few each year, the DMS paves the way to a first-class education at some of the world's most eminent universities. Upon graduation, DMS Scholars enjoy a highly rewarding and challenging career as a Defence Executive Officer (DXO) within MINDEF.

As a DXO, you will play a strategic role in the defence and security of Singapore. You will be at the forefront of the Ministry to shape defence policies, manage our defence budget as well as administration and management of our Human Resource pool.

Course of Study:

Most Courses. Applicants intending to pursue a degree in Law will not be called to the Bar while serving in the SAF.

Tenable Universities/Institutions:

SUTD, NTU, NUS, Renowned Overseas Universities, SIT, SMU

Tenable Period:


Bond Period:

4 Years (Local), 6 Years (Overseas)

  • Tuition Fees: Yes
  • Exam Fees: Yes
  • Hostel Fees : Yes
  • Monthly Allowance ($) : Yes
  • Annual Value of Award (Mid-Term):


  • Salary : NA
  • One-Time Return Airfare (overseas) : Yes
  • Other Return Airfare (overseas): Yes
  • Settling-In Allowance (overseas) : Yes
  • Excess Baggage (overseas) : Yes
  • Clothing Allowance (overseas) : Yes
  • Medical Insurance (overseas) : Yes
  • Book Allowance : No
  • Computer Loan / Grant ($) : Yes
  • Attachment During Vacation : Yes
  • Lump Sum : -
  • Other Benefits :

    Opportunity for sponsorship of overseas programme and Masters

Nationality: Singapore Citizen
Excellent ‘A’ Level / IB / NUS High:


Excellent ‘O’ Level:


Polytechnic Dip without ‘A’ Level:


Excellent CCA:


Proven Leadership:


Undergrads May Apply:


Completed NS (Male):